Who is this Simple Jesus Girl, you may ask ?

Well I am glad you asked.  Some days I ponder that same question!

However,  I never question the fact that my identity is grounded in my precious Savior, Jesus Christ.  At least theologically I never question it. Behaviorally?  Eh … well that’s another matter all together.  I am a work in progress!  I try my hardest to live out my Christian faith, but it’s impossible to do on my own.  On my own, that is, without the help of my precious Jesus.  Every single day I have to squish my own selfishness and ask Jesus to give me the strength to live out what I know in my head is true.

And how do I know what is true, you ask?  Another excellent question!

God has been gracious enough to give us basic instructions in truth through His Word, The Bible.

Read it.

It will change your life.

It has radically changed mine!

Read His Word at:  www.biblegateway.com

-Lori Behrens

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